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Julia Hetzel’s love for furniture, color, and texture began in childhood. Not only did she grow up following her mother to flea markets and poring over her library of design books, she is also a product of four generations of artists. At the age of three, with the encouragement of her talented grandmother, Julia had a paintbrush in her hand. Nods to these influences are scattered throughout Julia’s distinctive designs.

In 2017 she launched her studio, a full-service residential interior design firm with this founding principal: every room in a home should be a comfortable, welcoming space that reflects the taste and the heart of its owner. Julia works closely with her clients to listen to their vision and bring their home's personality to life, knowing that each room carries with it the opportunity to appeal to the needs of its user — a peaceful retreat, a place to entertain, or a corner for a quiet cup of coffee. 

Today, Julia is celebrated for her designs that combine antique and architectural pieces with modern and casual style. Julia's appreciation for color and texture can be found both in her designs and in her paintings.

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