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It brings me so much joy to walk into a room and see how pillows, upholstery, and furniture can be moved around to better the feeling of a space. I spent much of my childhood learning this from my mother— following her to flea markets and poring over her library of design books. I've been designing homes for 10 years and feel blessed to share my  experience and passion for the industry with all of my clients.

Every room in a home should be a comfortable, welcoming space that reflects the taste and the heart of its owner. My favorite interiors combine antique and architectural pieces with modern and casual style while incorporating unique fabric, color, and texture. I work closely with my clients to listen to their vision and bring their home's personality to life, knowing that each room carries with it the opportunity to appeal to the need of its user—a peaceful retreat, a place to entertain, or a corner for a quiet cup of coffee. 

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Interior design is not my only love. I grew up in a family of artists and at the age of three, with the encouragement of my talented grandmother, I had a paintbrush in my hand. I continued to paint through college, and Studio Art became one of my two degrees. Today, I explore color and texture not only through interior design, but also in my paintings and mixed media works. Click on ARTWORK to see more.